Saturday, December 31, 2011

For 2012: Resolution and Summary ;D


B4 u asked, yes.. I'm procrastinating my assignments.
I've been doing it since the last past 3 days, and I've been going around the house with my Translation, Varieties, Lang and Culture file + my Literature book.. Yet, I still haven't finish it yet. Huu~

So, everyone is well aware of the New Year eve..
And my own tradition of New Year Eve, besides playing the 'Next yr game' with my sis and wait till 12 to close my eyes and pretend I'm going through a New Year wave is to write about this year and whats my resolution for next year.
I usually writes them in my Diary but I left it back at KUIS so I'm not able to do so.. Bummer.
Typical Maryam, forgetting stuff.
BUT! it's fine.. this will be a difference somehow ^^,

So, I'm gonna sum up what's up in the years 2011:

  • I became fearless. Yup, even when it sounds epic but its true! Haha. This year I tried new stuff that I never though I would able to do, like being a facilitator for Taaruf, the public speaking thingy, holding up some responsibility and post, do something crazy for myself.
  • I met incredible, amazing people that walk into my life that both stayed and left. People I never imagine befriending, people I never imagine I would have a second though about and people I never imagine that would change my life.
  • I made this blog that help me expanding both my ability to write and to design (haha) and to meet new people that I never thought exist (seriously..).
  • I see life differently, even though not a 360 degree change but it's different. And I get to see the people I love change for the better and it moves me alot. 
  • I HAD THE BEST RAMADHAN! I should put this first. Haha. This year Ramadhan was special!
  • Lastly, 2011 make me much more mature than before. My decision, my advise, my view, my argument, my action.. change a lot than the previous years. 

I'm glad. 
I'm glad that every year means something. 
Every year I gain something. 
Every year I change a bit.
Most of all, I'm glad that I met 2011..
That Allah let me live till now.
Thank you.

And even when I have this unknown feeling for 2012, I still am going to have a resolution!

Maryam's 10 Resolution for 2012!

  1. To get rid of my bad habit! I need not to mention what's my bad habit because everyone have theirs.
  2. To be more.. realistic? Yea, I got to admit that being a dreamer, reality is the least thing I would like to venture but I need to, so.. next year, I hope to be so.
  3. To let go of my childish feelings of crushes, distraction and whatnot dreams even when I know it's impossible but it wouldn't hurt to hope right? ;)
  4. To be more mature .. yea, strike that. I don't need to be more mature because if I am, I'm not Maryam Jameelah. I'm just going to be this serious person who won't stop talking about serious matter. Haha. So, I just need to be more wise. Wise in stuff that I'll be dealing with next year ^^,
  5. To make the best of my last year in KUIS! I don't know what I'm gonna do but I guess being unexpected is sorta my specialty. 
  6. To live life like I'm gonna die tomorrow. So I don't regret the mistakes I'll make, and I won't waste any moment, any time. =)
  7. To follow my Ibadah timetable that I never manage to make this year but insyaAllah, next year I'll try my best to improve my relationship with my Creator.
  8. To atleast get some of my writing/stories done. I don't want to keep on thinking bout it without actually doing it.
  9. To be more, much much more EGO towards guys than before! Haha. Nahh.. I think I froze some of them with my attitude. Maybe next year I'll act a lil' bit nice. Maybe..
  10. To shine and keep on shining towards the impossible and the unknown. Even when people try to bring me down or throw rocks at me, I just won't stop shining ;)))

Well.. That's all.
Lastly, GOODBYE 2011.. WELCOME 2012.
Please be nice to me ^^,


Friday, December 30, 2011

I screw up life, but so does everyone else.


Do you know when your life is screwed up?
Well, my answer would be, "when you try to get out of a smaller mess and ends up in a bigger one..".

I always tend to avoid going on a path that would clash with something I don't want to go through..
But I always end up there anyway.

If I were to have a daughter my aged,
I would advice her that..
Sometimes life would have a plan contrast with yours,
But don't try to tune it back to you..
Instead, try to make the best of that plan.
It'll be a lot tougher but that's what maturity is all about.

Even when I'm gonna be 20 in a few months, or weeks..
I still am as childish as a young teenager who wanted to taste life..
I make mistakes that everyone thought it'll be impossible to make..
And yes, I screw up life again and again..

But I manage to pull the string up together again.
And I know I have every reason to keep on going;
With family, friends and those random strangers who make my life meaningful.
There's no way I let difficulties conquer me ;)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Midnight Muse ; Thinking 'bout u..

"I'm Sorry, Love."

I pretend that I couldn't figure out my feelings..
I denied when I started to feel it..
But I can't and I won't run away from it again.

I miss you..
I miss you like Hell..
I miss you that my heart started to ache..
I miss you like you just left yesterday..
And I don't know what I would do the first day you left.

I began to walk back to that closet where the memory of us I stored. 
The moment where we first met,
You pretend that you hate me and I pretend that I couldn't be bothered.
Finally we let our mask of egos down..
You eventually let me in your life and I eventually let myself trust you.

I began to let that feeling in..
We began to laugh together, smile at each other, loving one another..
But we let our guard down and reality barge in.
Without warning, without mercy..
It pushed us down and slashed us apart.

You began to regret us..
I began to lose trust..
Long before we're sticking down to each other throat and swear that this is the biggest mistake we've made.

You turn away,
I left.
Neither one of us wants to give in..
So we give away the precious thing that we held.
Our love. 

Right now, I bet you're looking down the window in the direction of my street..
Because I'm doing the exact same thing.
And then, I would look up at the moon,
Wondering if you're looking up at it too.

Maybe, just maybe..
Thinking if we could pull this feeling through...


Food Day..! Yum, yum..

Salam Peepz..

Well, I'm not a heavy eater but today had been fun playing around food. 
Haha.. It's not like I was playing it or anything..
And no, I didn't go out to eat..
You know, actually the best food you can get is at home..

So today is a stay-home-day for my family and I apart from my brother.
Of course, I spent the day watching 'Pretty Little Liars', and eating and cleaning some part of the house and I'm not really sure what else... Chatting around? Gossiping?

Okayy, so in the morning I woke up at 10 and wanted to make breakfast but the French loaf was filled with ants.
How I despise them..
But I manage to shoo them out and I made a buttered-toast French loaf after an hour..
And then my Lil' Sis said she wants some pancakes so I made them too with Honey Syrup..
Oh, how I longed for pancakes since I saw them at the KFC a.m menu the day I went back..

We finished eating at around noon.. So much for breakfast..
And I thought that we're gonna skip lunch since the pancakes is alot.
But Mom begin to cook after Zuhur Prayer..

She cooked Egg with Soy Sauce and this French Long Bean, urm.. Boncas? Boncis? in Malay, I'm nt sure..
It was delicious since Mom seldom cook meal like that..
And then around after Asar, Dad cooked 'Roti John' and my Sister and I cooked Cucur Lemak Manis.. 
Of Course, Dad's 'Roti John' was marvelous even when he forgot to add the salt..

For dinner, my Brother cooked Hamburger and I cooked Broccoli with butter..
I ate a double Hamburger and yes, it was dang full. Haha.

Well, that's a lot of food menu for a day. 
We usually have 1 menu but today, there's like what? 4? 5? Haha.
It was nice being back home. I miss my family sooo much!

Now, back to watching 'Pretty Little Liars'.. My latest obsession ;)  


Friends? Enemy? or a LIAR?

Salam --.--*

Have you ever feel like you trust someone so much? 
Or being close to a person because you somehow feel comfortable around her?
And tell them everything like she's your sister.. a Twin of yours~

But you are blind that all they want is not your friendship but something else..
A motive of their own.

Guess where this is? ^^

That's what I feel right now.
But I'm not 100% sure what her motive is right now..

I'm the kind of person to do things I want without the fear of being different or outshine..
But this person, it's like everything I did that attract attention piss her off.. 

It's not that I hate her, if you're gettin' the idea..
I just don't like the way she react when I told her something excited that had happened to me and she would go whatever..
And of course she never will miss a chance to make me jealous, if that's her intention because I'm not..

The cat I found outside my room =^.^=

Not that I don't get jealous..
But I seldom get jealous because I have this devil-may-care attitude.. 
And of course, I'm the slow type so...
It took awhile for me to figure out if she's trying to bring me down.. Haha.

Just so you know, I like her.. Really I do..
I don't do hating people much..
I try to look at their best side rather than focus too much on the bad side..

So I hope that if she's reading this..
I have a message:

"I don't mind if you're trying to do this out of fun but IF you're trying to do this to piss me off then let me tell you something.. I may be nice but I'm not that innocent. I know how to act and I've been playing games with people mind since forever so if you think you're up to my level, think again."

Lastly, Peace Ya'll !


Thursday, December 22, 2011


Assalamualaikum ^^,

So.. what is this business with the whole soulmate thingy?
Do you believe in it?
Believe in having a person who are destined to be with you but were separated when you're sent down to this earth...
The person that you will built your other life with..
The one without your family.

I do believe in destiny, fate and soulmate...
And I know he's out there, somewhere.

Because I could feel him.
I know..
It sounds weird.

I would somehow feel lonely and missing someone but I don't know who.
Till it actually distracts me to focus on things like a lovesick high school girl..

At times I feel a feeling of longing..
To want to meet someone but I don't know who.

Sometimes I would talk inside my head..
And hoping that you would listen.
That for some odd reason, you could hear me.

I know you're out there somewhere..
Waiting, wanting..
For the moment to arrive.

I hope, you're doing well..
Because I am..
They say, 'Waiting is pure torturing '..
I couldn't agree more.

"At night when the stars light up my room
I sit by myself
Talking to the Moon
Try to get to You
In hopes you're on the other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon"

P/s: I also attach a Bruno Mar's song, 'Talking to The Moon' because for some reason.. I could see the relation there ^^,


Monday, December 19, 2011

Public Speaking Memoir !

Assalamualaikum ^^,

Well, last Friday on the 16th..
For the first time ever,
I entered a Public Speaking Competition.
Yup, me!

I never thought in a million years I could do that...
Delivering speech in front of crowds and strangers..
But I glad I did it
And never once I regret that decision of joining.

Because I entered this competition with the intention to do something crazy for once in KUIS, 
to do something for me..
Something that no one asked for, something that I decided upon and something that I never thought of.
To prove something to myself.

And so I did,
And guess what?
I have so many supporters that it never occur to me that I received that load an applause. 

Even when I'm not qualified for the next round.

It doesn't bother me at all.
Okayy, maybe it did the first few minutes but that I regain back my spirit when my friends & international friends said I did my best and I should be one of the qualified..
But I said its fine. 
Maybe I like it better this way.

But you know something..
I didn't get nervous at all when I'm on stage..
And that I feel natural.. 
Like I'm on my own turf.. 
Dancing around to my own melody of words..

I would like to try it again somedayy..

P/s: Next time I should try Drama or Poetry.. Expanding my ability ;)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When Literature & Edgar A.Poe combines..

Assalamualaikum ^^,

I haven't been writing for awhile..
Actually I have been writing other stuff but I haven't been updating here in awhile..

Its not that I have writer's block or something..
Its just that I have been busy and whenever I start writing I would stop halfway and didn't published it.
I have lots of draft, mind you.

Olivia Lufkin ^^

Well, I choose today to write and sooo hoping I would publish or post it because I somehow think of my blog being left alone, only wanderers of the lonely night will stop and take a  look at it.
Oh, mind the sooo elaborate choice of words I chose because I had Literature this morning and there was arguments about this one particular story "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe.. 
Its a Gothic Fiction.

Usually I love a good argument, sitting by myself in a corner and smile whenever tension arise but not today somehow...
Well, actually I did smile to myself and laughed a lil' but today's argument was hopeless..
Both parties were..

One was defending something that could not be defend and the other abuse something that was already abused
But it was fun, and irritating
Because I would gladly join in the argument...
If I have actually read it.

Oh, yea.. The one story that interest me the most and brought alot of argument and tension in the class is the only story I forgot to read!
So back from a lil' trip outside campus today, I sat down and put alot of effort and brain into the story.
It was really tiring because I fell asleep with the earpieces in my ears right after I finished the last sentences. 

It was indeed a story that could put alot of flames into the analysis...
Because it's Edgar Allan Poe we're talking about ;-)