Sunday, October 7, 2012

How I met your.. father? Ahaha..


Its been awhile since I write, right? I'm not on hiatus or writer's block or something but rather.. I don't have the privilege of using my broadband for now, harsh! But its fine since its exam week and I need to finish up some stuff..

Anyway, last night I had the most.. how should I put it.. realistic? awkward? dream of all. 

Well, in that dream, it was as if it is 5 or 7 years from now because I was carrying a baby and have my husband besides me. We were walking and talking at the same time and suddenly I asked, "Remember how we met?" (I guess this part must have something to do with me watching How I met your Mother till 2am in the morning.) And he was laughing and saying of course. And I don't know how, that dream brought me to a flashback years before.

I was in an exam hall but I'm not sure which college exam hall so it is not specifically KUIS. And when I was so nervous, there's this guy sat beside me and he had the most annoying exam-attitude ever that ticks me off, even when I was being super-ly nervous. 

He was moving his feet from side to side and hands playing with a pen and have that cool, not caring attitude about the exam that was about to start. And it annoys me because the sound of him playing the pen and moving his feet is disturbing my concentration so I gave him a side glare. He notices it and smile at me with that boyish smile and THAT is the only thing I remember about him. 

Strange, because I'm good at recalling my dream but everytime I dream about this guy, I forget his face. Yes, I dream about him before and the reason why I know it is the same guy is because of that smile. 

So back to that dream, the entire time of the exams he annoys me and when it is done and I went out to a cafeteria which is not somewhere familiar to KUIS, he sat beside me. I mean not directly beside me, but a table near me. And he was like, "oh, you're that girl." 

He still annoys me because I can't eat with guys present, not because of me wearing the niqab, but, well, I have that uncomfortable feeling eating when guys are present. So I waited for him to look away or atleast not be there but he ends up looking at me with an innocent/fascinating eyes. So I asked him, is there something wrong? but he shook his head. When I finish eating, unbearably beside him.. he start to clear his things and before he left, he said that I fascinates him, somehow.

And that was it.

Haha. It is weird though because it feels so realistic, so real. Even when the dream itself is unrealistic. I'm not sure about the first meeting, but the way that I was holding a baby and he was beside me laughing and smiling .. that part was the happiest part I could be feeling in a dream. And when I woke up, I feel like something just brought me back here, in this present time. 

It was like a glimpse of the future.