Thursday, April 28, 2011

Old songs that brings back the memoir~

Assalamualaikum =)!

Everybody have that songs that they used to love in the past along with some sorta memories that come with it, ryt? It could be a memory of certain someone or just a memory that doesn't sound epic much.. Like I used to have this song stuck in my head when I took my SPM and when I listen to it nowadays.. I would go, "errkk.. ingat tym SPM dlu".. *Shudder*

So, here are some songs that when I listen 2 it todayy, brings me back to the yesterdays:

  1. Breathe by Taylor Swift: I had this on my playlist during my SPM and when I played this, I always think of them. And until now, when it's been like a year or so.. this song somehow brings me back to that moment ;) 
  2. Unbelievable by Kaci Brown: Ahh.. this one makes me think of that guy I dated when I was 14 because the situation fits this songs perfectly. He was all that clingy that makes me feel.. urm, rocky? Unsure? Something close to that. Hee~
  3. This year by A*Teen: This pulls me back.. wayy back to my first year of secondary school. Everytime I heard it, I was like, "Omg, I've grown up.." Sob2.
  4. If we were a movie by Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: This is still my favorite no matter how old it gets. Because this makes me think that Miley used to be awesome and I'm not sure when I started liking this but maybe it's the lyrics that compliment my "love" life at that time..? I don't know. I forget things easily. 
  5. The way I love you by Taylor Swift: I know. I know. I just LOVE Taylor Swift. Haha. Actually, this song; which aren't that old remind me of him. Yup, my KISA.. u don't know what 'kisa' is? Search for it. Heh~ I'm not in the mood in telling. I still listen to this song now and then and I love flashback!
Well, I guess that's all I can think about. Thanks for reading.. ;p
Salam, MJ.

Monday, April 25, 2011

U can DIE from CUTENESS!! lol.

Assalamualaikum ^.^v

I'm not gonna write much 4 tiz post cuz I'm super lazzyyy & I have an assignment tat have to be done but I'm delaying it! Haha. I'm the Master for Last Minute! Muhahaha. Okayy.. so I'm just gonna woe u guys with cute pictures that I found!

A..aa.. See the cats black eyes! 

Haha.. This baby's face is actually serious!

Yea baby! Wayy of enthusiasm-ness .

I know sum ov u already saw this but I don't care. IT'S CUTE!

This GOT to be fav. Hahax! Omg, I luv tiz baby...

I'll make this face if I wanna sumtine. Except it doesn't turn out this wayy. lol.

Haha. Diggs the cat's look. Looking for a 'cat fight'.

Please, please, please Daddy.. Can I have Ice Cream for 1 month? Or you could buy me a car..

Haha. Who doesn't love Scooby?

Oh myy.. I lurve buzz in this movie..

Oh.. my veryy favv Disney Character.. Rapunzel

Don't forget...


And lastly...

Teletubies is so freakin' awesome! Haa~

Hope u people hav fun watchin' this.. oh, and.. and.. did u guys just die of the CUTENESS?! 
Hahax! Kayy, ciao people!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dealing with Criticizing... or People's bad mouth!

Salam & Hello Fellow Bloggerz!

You know this world is not saint ryt? And so are people, obviously. Actually.. the people create this unsaint world. Huu~ n since we have no other choice of place.. we live with them. Hell, we might even be one of them. Okayy, pe yg mepek nie..

Some of us, okayy.. Most of us, while living in this unsaint world, might have encounter with criticizes or bad talk ryt? Biaselahh, org suke mengate cuz basically this world BORES them. N spe2 yg doin' it.. StopStop! It'z sinful, people.. and it hurtz!

So here's what I'm getting at on this topic.

Just my humble, most insignificant advice on dealing with it. When I said dealing with it, I mean not to help avoid critique or 'so-people-won't-critique' cuz obviously, people will ALWAYS find a way to pull you down. This is just some ways that might or might not work but insyaAllah, Allah's will. On how to not let them pull u down.

1- Confident!: I was taught by experience and 'wise' people that when people bad mouth or give u hell, look in their eyes and say, "I don't give a damn!" Well, I won't encourage you to say the exact same word that I use because I will also unlikely sayy that but something close to that. BUT when u tell them u xkesahh, jgn lakk kate2 da bguzz.. muke lakk mcm takut2. Spoil perr! Give them the look.

Or even better, DON'T SAY ANYTHING. Just look at them and SMILE. Smile se-confident2 yg u guyzz can cuz they'll be taken back 4 sure. Lyk, "Perg, aq saketkan atyy budakk nie; bole lakk dier senyumm alekk kat aq." Cuz purpose of diorg nak criticize korg cuz nk saketkn atyy korg and wen atyy korg sakett mesti korg down gile2 kan. So, PROVE THEM WRONG! Make them SPEECHLESS! *Erkk, da cam protest campaign lakk*

2- Don't fight fire with fire: This is what people usually do. Org kene kan dier, dier kene kan org, beh org tu kenekn dier alekk.. Oh, come on! When is it going to end, people..? If we let them be, doesn't mean we announce defeat but rather we show them that we're mature enough to not play their childish game. Seriously, this mengumpat2, critique, bad mouth thingy is so childish. It's for uncivilized people.

I mean, korg pna nmpak takk bdk kecik maen 'kwn-xkwn' behh ajak kwn laen jgn kwn dier gakk.. what does that scenario make u think of?

3- Be nice to them!: Yea, exactly. I mean, korg ingat takk about the story yg Nabi s.a.w accompany this Blind old Kafir woman and all the way she talked bad about Nabi s.a.w without knowing it's him who was with her and Nabi didn't abandon or marah that old woman rather he helped her and is being nice towards her the whole journey and when she knows it's Nabi s.a.w.. Dier msk Islam.

So that actually proves it all. Besides, this people who were criticizing others mayb dier lonely or wants to be like you a.k.a jealous so.. kasihanilahh mereke. Who knows, they might turn out from being your critique to be your no.1 fan? Kn3?

That's all I can think of. I know, cket nyerr.. But heyy, it's 1.30 in da morning. My minds practically flicking ryt now.. I hope this helps some of you =))).

Moral of the Story: I may not be a famous blogger or writer (on the way, InsyaAllah =D) who sometimes gets Anon or famous anything who get criticized ALOT but I'm me and even a simple, not-famous person like moi was bad mouth n criticize sometimes from people, even those I consider close to.. but oh well.. C'est La Vie! This is life! ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

What is LOVE 2 u?

Assalamualaikum Readers!

Today I'm gonna chit-chat about LOVE. Well, I'm not an expert about it but still, I wanna share my views about it. And the thing about "view" is that its neither right nor wrong and you have to respect it.

So, what say me about this love thing that people get all worked up for?


If you asked the 13 yr old me, u'll get.. "Ehh, something yg special.. heh~" With that innocent, naive eyes.. 0.0.

If you asked the 16 yr old me, u'll get.. "Love is a painful thing and an illusion. But if he notice me everything means the opposite." Wiv that sorta determine eyes. heh~

If u asked the 18 yr old me, u'll get.. "Slightly don't care. Not gonna fall inlove anyway" Wiv that bored attitude.

If u ask me NOW, u'll get.. "Love define differently. To me, to be inlove is healthy. Cuz u get to smile that childish smile and hope 4 sumtine 2 happen and dream ov the possibilities. So love is important." Wiv that wise attitude and a smirk. Haaa~

Of course, not everything you feel upsy-daisy means u're in love.. Sometimes you happen to have a crush or admire or like the opposite sex. And let me define you;

Crush: Itz tat giddy up feelings u get but nothing serious came about it. Like u see a dress u like and go "Waa~ Cantek nye." *Imagine anime sparkle eyes* and you don't usually hold on to that feelings 4ever ryt? U might even 4get it. So tatz a crush. It onli hurtz a bit. I had crushes b4.

Admire: Everyone have this feelings fix upon them, so everyone knows how to differ it. Itz when u get that "Bagos nye dierr" and keep on updating urself on that person and want to be like them.. yea.. tatz when u admire sum1. Itz nt love. I get that feelings alot. I admire those who can be different and be a trend-setter or just someone who act something that surprise people. Heh~

Like: Like is just a smaller version of love. Itz nt tat giddy up and sometimes just an average feelings. I like many people because I'm nt use to the idea ov hating someone. *winkwink*

Moral of the Story: So, what ever your definition of LOVE. Make sure you don't make it a permanent. B'cuz what ever your feelings is; u'll never know when they'll come. So, kalau korg hate the idea ov Love now and be against it sgt2, one day dier dtg.. N u get that giddy up feelings.. nk ckp ape? Heh~ What ever it is.. Love is human nature! Don't ever let go.

Hug & Kisses,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The person who you called a FRIEND!

Assalamualaikum Peepz!

Everyone said friend is the person who you know and is not in a bad nor intimate term with them. But there's so many definitions of FRIENDS.

This is what Wiki gives me when I type friendship. Well there's more but I'm more interested in the TYPES OF FRIENDSHIP.

Types of friendships

Acquaintance: a friend, but sharing of emotional ties isn't present. An example would be a coworker with whom you enjoy eating lunch or having coffee, but would not look to for emotional support. Many "friends" that appear on social networking sites are generally acquaintances in real life.

Best friend (or the closest friend): A person with whom someone shares extremely strong interpersonal ties with as a friend.

BFF ("best friend forever"): Slang used primarily in the USA by teenage and young adult women to describe a girl friend or close best friend.

Blood brother or blood sister: Either people related by birth, or a circle of friends who swear loyalty by mingling the blood of each member together.

Boston marriage: An antiquated American term used during the 19th and 20th centuries to denote two women who lived together in the same household independent of male support. Relationships were not necessarily sexual. It was used to quell fears of lesbians after World War I.

Bro: Slang used primarily in the USA and New Zealand by teenage and young adult men to describe a boy friend or close best friend. This term is currently used to describe the modern generation of college-age male party-goers. The name is typically associated with attention-seeking males who like to get drunk and party constantly.

Sis: Also slang used primarily in the USA like "Bro" but for women and girls.

Buddy: In the USA, males and sometimes females often refer to each other as "buddies", for example, introducing a male friend as their "buddy", or a circle of male friends as "buddies". Buddies are also acquaintances that you have during certain events. The term may also refer to an online contact, such as the AOL Buddy List.

Casual relationship or "friends with benefits": A sexual or near-sexual and emotional relationship between two people who don't expect or demand to share a formal romantic relationship. This is also referred to an open relationship or a "hook-up".

Family friend: A friendship extended to family members of the friends. Close relation is developed in those societies where family setup is strong. This term usually used in subcontinent.

Comrade: Means "ally", "friend", or "colleague" in a military or political connotation. This is the feeling of affinity that draws people together in time of war or when people have a mutual enemy or even a common goal. Friendship can be mistaken for comradeship. Former New York Times war correspondent Chris Hedges wrote:

We feel in wartime comradeship. We confuse this with friendship, with love. There are those, who will insist that the comradeship of war is love – the exotic glow that makes us in war feel as one people, one entity, is real, but this is part of war's intoxication. [...] Friends are predetermined; friendship takes place between men and women who possess an intellectual and emotional affinity for each other. But comradeship – that ecstatic bliss that comes with belonging to the crowd in wartime – is within our reach. We can all have comrades.[8]

As a war ends, or a common enemy recedes, many comrades return to being strangers, who lack friendship and have little in common.

Cross-sex friendship: A person having a friend of the opposite sex with having little or no sexual or romantic activity: a male who has a female friend, or a female who has a male friend. Historically cross-sex friendships have been rare. This is because often men would labor in order to support themselves and their family, while women stayed at home and took care of the housework and children. The lack of contact led to men forming friendships exclusively with their colleagues, and women forming friendships with other stay-at-home mothers. However, as women attended schools more and as their presence in the workplace increased, the segregated friendship dynamic was altered, and cross-sex friendships began to increase. Cross-sex friendship has once been a sign of gender deviance, but now it has been loosened because of the increase of gender equality in schools and the workplace, along with certain interests and pastimes such as sports.

However, cross-sex friendships aren't always a socially accepted norm of amity and some of those friendships could develop into romantic feelings (see romantic friendship). However, when these feelings are not mutual, they can often backfire, making it hard for the two to remain friends.

Frenemy: A portmanteau of the words fr(iend) and enemy, the term frenemy refers to someone who pretends to be a friend but actually is an enemy—a proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing in the world of friendships. This is also known as a love–hate relationship. Most people have encountered a frenemy at one time or another in the same places one might find friends—school, work, the neighborhood. The term frenemy was reportedly coined by a sister of author and journalist Jessica Mitford in 1977, and popularized more than twenty years later on the third season of Sex and the City. While most research on friendship and health has focused on the positive relationship between the two, a frenemy is a potential source of irritation and stress. One study by psychologist Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad found that unpredictable love–hate relationships characterized by ambivalence can lead to elevations in blood pressure. In a previous study, the same researcher found that blood pressure is higher around friends for whom they have mixed feelings than it is when they're around people whom they clearly dislike.[9]

Fruit flies,[10] fag hag (female),[11] or fag stag (male)[12]: denotes a person (usually heterosexual) who forms deep ties or close friendships with gay men. Men (gay or straight) who have lesbian friends have been referred to as lezbros or lesbros.[13] The term has often been claimed by these straight members in gay-straight friendships, however some feel that it is derogatory.[14][15]

Imaginary friend: a non-physical friend created by a child or even an adult. Sometimes they're human, other times they're animals like the life-size rabbit in the old Jimmy Stewart movie, Harvey. Imaginary friends are also created for people desperate for social interaction but are isolated from contact with humans and pets. It may be seen as bad behavior or even taboo (some religious parents even consider their child to be possessed by an evil "spirit"), but is most commonly regarded as harmless, typical childhood behavior. The friend may or may not be human, and commonly serves a protective purpose.

Internet relationship: a form of friendship or romance which takes place over the Internet. Some internet friendships evolve into real life friendships. Internet friendships are in similar context to a pen pal. These friendships are also based on the thought that the other person that they may not have ever met in real life knows them for who they are instead of the mask they may use in real life.

Mate: In the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, blokes often refer to each other as "mates", for example, introducing a male friend as their "mate", or a circle of male friends as "mates". In the UK, as well as Australia, this term has begun to be taken up by women as well as men.

Open relationship: a relationship, usually between two people, that agree each partner is free to have sexual intercourse with others outside the relationship. When this agreement is made between a married couple, it's called an "open marriage".

Pen pal: people who have a relationship via postal correspondence. Now pen pals has been established into internet friendship with the use of chat or social networking sites. They may or may not have met each other in person and may share either love, friendship, or simply an acquaintance between each other. This type of correspondence was encouraged in many elementary school children; it was thought that an outside source of information or a different person's experience would help the child become more worldly.

So you see here... Anyone you can call a friend. But trust them? Invite them in your life? That's another story entirely. I have lotza friend out there.. in here.. as in, in the internet but the one that I trust n invite, well.. Itz barely a hand count. I'm not encouraging you people out there to stop trusting your friends but be sure they r worthy.

Moral Of The Story: Everyone can be your friend but it only takes several to be a REAL FRIEND.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tsk.Tsk. I'm proud of myself.

Assalamualaikum ^.^

Look at the pix! Look at the pix! It's CUTE! Hahax.

Okayy, back to the topic... I'm suppose to write why I'm proud of myself.
Well, the reasons are:

  1. Today I undergo a session of photo-shoot with myself! Haha. I can actually took a great picture. Surprise2. And can actually pose like a Model. Haha. Nah, the last statement is exaggerating. I can just pose.. ;pp
  2. I finish creating my own header! You guys might be, "Tu jer?" but it's actually a big thing for me. Heh~ But it's nt really tatz "WHOA". n nice but I'm satisfied. *Senyum Sokmo*
  3. Did you see that side bar thingy on the right corner--> Yup. I've been working for it for a day and frust over came me bcuz it juz won't get ryt! Atlast I know y.. b'cuz the HTML that I use is wrong. Errk? Kalau x da lame siap.. Huu~ But I'm greatful cuz I didn't give up and keep doing it!snsd gif Pictures, Images and Photos
  4. I just created FORMSPRING! I know, that thing is long on but I keep delaying to create it until I read TOK's formspring that I feel like doing it. Heh~
  5. Well, there's no number 5. Just wanna make it longer. Haha! Tnx for reading no. 5 people.. ^.^v
Arigato 4 reading snsd gif Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, April 4, 2011

I scream 4 ICE CREAM!

Assalamualaikum ^.^v

Early morning, while enjoying my breakfast infront of the TV (I rarely done it, but when I'm alone; the TV seems to be the best companion. ) Okay, so wen I was flippin' over the channel cuz hey, it'z lyk 10 in da mornin'.. there's nothing but child show's on so I browse my fav 700+ channel which consist of AXN, DIVA, AFC.. etc..

So I saw that Man v. Food is on. That's lyk, one of my fav programme. And in that episode, he was 'hunting' for the best dessert and stumble upon an Ice Cream parlour and that is wen I go GAGA~

I mean, come on, it's Ice Cream, people! And it was showing the Mints Choc covered with Marshmallow! I was lyk.. waa?! That happens to be my top choice of Ice Cream and well, I never taste it with Marshmallow but I bet it would be a blast!

Suddenly, I was craving for some *eyes rolled* lyk who wouldn't.
And talking about Ice Cream...

My family and I had one of those fam outing and while we were browsing around for Ice Cream and as my siblings were arguing which brand & flavor to pick, I went over the one or stand alone refrigerator and pointed to a Häagen-Dazs and they were lyk . I know it's expensive and we ate it like once or twice before at my Grandma house. And I've forgotten the taste. ;p But when I looked at it back; the price was absurd! It's rm30++ and that's only a one person eater, okay, possibly two.. but still. I won't waste a 30 on buying Ice Cream~ Rather go shopping 4 clothes. Hee~


Moral of the story: Don't watch reality show with delicious ICE CREAM on it unless you have a back up in ur fridge so you wouldn't be writing about it and hav tat close-my-eyes-n-sees-ice-cream kinda thing lyk me~ Huh -.-'

Fated much?

After you read the short text above, what's your reaction? I bet its a "Sweet nyer!". Ahaha. I got that expression too. I mean come on, this only happen like to 1 in a million of people through out tym. And yet, here I am.. Wishing for it too. Huuuhh~

Credit to: Yanilavigne. Her webpage has the best quotes and photo's. ^.^v

Friday, April 1, 2011


aww.. ain't they sweet?

Assalamualaikum ^.^.

Okay, consider my age I'm not one to be talking about marriage but hey, if fate befalls me fast, who noes? My grandma got married at the age of 16 and that makes me more then allowed but yea, times changing. During that time, 16 is an appropriate age but now, who noes? Some say 25 is the right age (like my parents, for example) and the laws stated 18 but screw that, the appropriate time to get married is the time where you feel you can be responsible enough.

I heard of early marriage and some work out well. More then okay, I guess. Some people, on the other hand, needs planning to be done. Of course, now at the age where our grandparents build their life together, we are working on our future. Studying so we could get a better job or became a noble person in the eye of the society. They work out well but that doesn't mean us. Nowadays, what's important is education 'cause its the ticket to a better lifestyle but.. yea, I always have a 'but' there because I'm trying to be neutral, you know, not picking sides. Heh~ So, back to that, fate defines everything. You're trying your best but HE knows what best for you. ^.^v

In my own opinion, I rather not marrying now, 'rather not' doesn't equal to 'do not want to' because you might never know your fate or jodoh. I rather not because firstly, I'm not responsible enough to handle such a large burden both emotionally and physically because, I hate to admit it, I'm still child-like or in malay, kebudak-budakkan. It's not that I don't know how to do home chores or cook cuz proudly, I can do both with excellency. Haha ;p but yea, I can be a child and not handle problem quite professionally or like an adult. Screw that, I'm only 19. ;p.

Moral of the story: Marriage is one of the ibadah in Islam. And by doing that, you just earn yourself Allah's blessing. And girls, it's an easy ticket for you to Paradise if you get married and be the wife both Allah and your husband wants. Plus praying and fasting but yea, easier for you. Besides, marriage is blessing. When the right time comes, go for it. As long as your intention is noble, you'll get Allah's blessing, InsyaAllah.

MJ. ^.^v