.:About Me:.

Assalamualaikum ^^,
May You be in Allah's Blessing..

About Me

+ Maryam Jameelah Azhari
+22 (22 Feb 1992)
+Staying in JB.
+Currently studying Bachelor of Human Science in English Language and Literature (BENL) in      IIUM. (2013-2017)
+Past; Diploma in English Language Studies (DELS) in KUIS. (2009-2012)
+Love to read, write, travel, explore, think.

"Still a nobody who wants to pursuit life as a somebody, making footsteps for people as a means to be closer to Our Creator."

My dream

  • To study abroad.
  • To publish my own book.
  • To find my Knight in Shining Armour *ahaha*
  • To have kids ;p
  • To be a good daughter.
  • To achieve good results both here, and the Hereafter. 

And the ultimate of all,

  • To be a loyal & thankful servant to Him, InsyaAllah.

 7 facts about me

+ I love to write at night when the world is sound asleep and I find comfort in writing. I happen to have 40 diaries which I collect since I was 13. 

+ I like to think. I think alot. But even so, I'm not a genius. *Haha* I like to think when I'm sweeping the floor, listening to music, walking alone, in a car while watching the scenery and when I'm in the toilet *a habit I took after my Daddy*

+ I'm a malay, well, not 100% but still I was brought up in a mix Malay environment which contribute in my lack of powering my Malay Language. Seriously, I can't even seem to score more than a C for my exams.

+I'm a freak for Vampire books, movies, series, stuff, etc. Oh, and Goth too but not that core. Though I'm inlove with Gothic Lolita.. They 're freakin' cute!

+Family background? My dad's an Ustaz and my mom is an English teacher. What become of me? Hmm..

+Throughout my life I've been travelling around alot and I've changed more than 10 schools. I say, experience is what I gain.

+Lastly, I look life at a different view all the time but always miss the right one. I hope I'm able to see the right view and not miss it ;)