Saturday, May 7, 2011

You and I. We're r Perfectly Imperfect.

Assalamualaikum ;p!

Everyone is different. Like a quote said, "No two people view the world the same." Someone might prefer night while others prefer day. He might like coffee but she likes tea. Different is good. We're each other perfect puzzle piece.

Sometimes we argue about opinion. Regardless of whether they're right or wrong. But argument doesn't define one's relationship because everyone argue and they make up and within seconds, they're laughing with each other. We forgive and forget and MOVE ON. No matter how many times we argue...

Most of all, we need each other. "No man is an Island". Nobody's perfect but we can be perfect with one another :). That's the beauty of Unity.


Okayy, done part serious. Haha. It's been soo long since I wrote something like this. Since today is one of my verryyyy rare dayy of being free, I feel like writing. I hope it touch someone. Because like my father sayy, "Jgn cube nakk ubah org"  I mean, as in we can welcome them but don't expect much because only Allah can give them the Light~

Moral of the Story: We're not perfect. Human makes mistake and they will keep on making it. So when we make mistake, don't be quick to accuse. Understand one another. We need each other. :))