Sunday, January 29, 2012

I want to reach you (Kimi ni Todoke)

Salam ^^,

It's a very long hiatus, ne?
It's been projects, mid-term exams, assignment-soon-to-be-due and such.
Though I miss writing..
And also, I finished watching an anime that I so want to watch, Kimi ni Todoke.. 
Which contribute to the title above ^^,

I'm not gonna talk about the story just that it makes me think..
The one you love the most, you might want your feeling to reach theirs right?
No matter what the circumstances. 

That's how I think of our relationship with Allah swt.
We love Him so much that we'll do anything, everything so that our feeling would get across..
We'd do anything to show our affection to Him.
That's how far we should get and by right, there's no limit.

Our love to The Almighty should not have any limit and of course we do not need to worry about Him returning our Love because He definitely will. 
More than ours ^^,

So, show your love.
Show your love to Him.
The one that no others can overtake the place.
Because He is your Creator ^^,


Monday, January 23, 2012

Something 'bout luv...

Salam ^^,

Someone used to ask me, 'Can you right the definition of love?'
At that time, I did not know how and I end up scrabbling random stuff...
But now that I remember back that question,
I want to give it a try once more.
So this is what I got to say about love:

"You don't go by knowing love by defining it, you get to know love through experiencing it.
But before you experience what love is, there's other feelings that you might encounter beforehand.
Like the feeling of jealousy, or heartache, possibly a selfish feeling by wanting to own that person all to yourself.
Also not to forget the feeling of being utterly happy when that person did something so insignificant,
And that smile that won't stop fading when thinking about that person.
But you cry, and hate that person sometimes.
It's weird but you, yourself can't explain why.
Because love is impulsive and weird and unexplainable...
And it feels like you are grabbing, holding tightly on a thorny rose.
Afraid to lose it but painful to hold upon."

That's how I see love and everyone sees love differently.  


Monday, January 2, 2012

Random post on 1.1.12 ^^,


This is gonna b a short post..

I'm gonna go back kuis 2morrow. Bummer.
I still haven't finish my assignment. More bummer.
I'm not ready 2 face 2012. Freakin' bummer.

Well, I guess bummer will be my fav word for this year. Haha.
See you 2morrow 2.1.12 =p