Sunday, July 3, 2011

.:Home sweet Home:. Leisure tym begins!

Salam ^_^v

I haven't update for like months because the moment I began enter KUIS.. I'm already rushin' here and there and there is definitely no time to blog. Seriously, this semester it's like jalan xcukup tanah.. Kene rush sane sine with class, meeting, usrah, and jobs as I've taken a role in being in charge of something. Sampai xde time nk kua g beli brg keperluan and I felt really2 sorry to my room8 because I've promised them.

So this week is like my TIME OFF! Soo lookin' forward to it. Which actually should be shorten until Tuesday but who the h*ll will agree to that? I'm rebelling against it. Kidding. I can't actually  go back to kuis until Sunday cuz my parents is workin' during the weekdays.

So today begins that day 1 of leisure, relaxing, no rushin' week.. and this is what I did:

  • G shoppin' with Ummi, Aisyah n Noorah(which is rather annoyin' then relaxing cuz she's buggin' ummi to buy EVERYTHING.. I'm not kiddin'.)
  • Sleep!
  • Write my hearts out while listenin' 2 the music
  • Watch half of Star Wars (..?! Blame my bro.)
  • Playin' waitressin' games on the Net
  • Bloggin'!
See.. and I didn't even touch my assignment. Oh, crap.. I forget. I can't have all-leisure time b'cuz there's tons of assignment to be done.. huu~ Jatuh harapan T.T 

Xpe2.. tggu raye.. japp, pas raye trus FINAL. Waa~ kene tggu pas final.. lame nyerr.. *sit one corner & sulk* 

Takpe, InsyaAllah ade hikmah nye.. After all "He knows more on what we did not know." ^_~