Saturday, February 4, 2012

C'est La vie (That's Life!)


I haven't update my blog for awhile and oh, how my head ace so badly.
This time of the semester things are getting harder and well, pretty much stressful!
And I miss blogging. 

No, I miss the free time that the only thing I wanna do is writing stories and reading tons of Vampire Novels.
But those free time is hard to get nowadays.
With all the assignments, projects, meeting and such.
I don't think I can somehow manage this.

"I have always LOVE books. I grew up with having them by my side and being around books somehow make me feel secure and I would always beam and gets super-excited going to a library, Book fairs or Bookstores."

You know, there's alot of book fair lately at my College and well, of course being bookworm such as myself, I couldn't stand it.
I feel like the rm200 is soo not enough.
Though, after a week.. I only spend rm50 for some books on Solat and Rasulullah saw.
Another rm150 I plan on buying Novels! 
And some English Reference book.
Oh and some notebook and maybe.. urg! No, no, no..
I think that's enough.

I soo wanna go to Kinokuniya because it has been my all-time favorite books store besides Borders, MPH, Popular and Times.
But, oh.. Malaysia has only 1 Kino book store. Such a waste.
Even Singapore have 3 Kino bookstore!
How I wish that I can use my voucher in Singapore. 

Well, Que Sera Sera then.
What ever my vouchers are going to be spend at, that's it. =)