Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Assalamualaikum ^^,

This was a piece of writing that I wrote when I woke up from sleep. 
Seriously.. I opened my eyes, reached for my phone and typed it.
I'm not sure the idea came before i went to sleep or in my dream.
Just the urge to write..

His arm wrapped around waist, thigh but tender..
while his head shared my pillow 
that there was not even an inch distance between us. 
I could even hear his soft snoring being whisper in my ear,
like a melancholy lullaby that should put me to sleep 
but my heart oppose it by beating like a drummer to his drum during a rock concert 
because of his close contact, and something else. 
Something that made me wonder and ponder..
If he wake up when I was asleep
would he quickly let go or stay put while holding me?


Monday, November 28, 2011

My heart.. it's alive.


I haven't write for quite sometime..
And I feel like bursting up.
Because writing makes me feel alive..
Being around words just calm me..

I have reasons for not updating but I don't have a reason for not writing..
And I felt like I just betrayed myself..
For not letting my heart have a chance of being free..

So right now,
I'm taking every opportunity and time..
Regardless of being 2am in the morning..
I want to be alive
I want to write more than a drunken man need his beer,
More than a druggie need his needle..

I'll forget the world for now,
I'll put away my problems for a moment,
I'll turn away from reality for second...
To let my heart dance through the floor of words..

Slow yet gracefully making its move..
Showing the world what a beautiful piece it can produce..


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lame excuse *.* !

Assalamualaikum ^^,

Today is my first class for my 4th Semester..
And guess what?
I came in late and it was pretty much a bad impression.
It wasn't entirely my fault..
Half of it was my hand lotion fault.

I was rushing to get ready and when I'm about to apply my hand lotion,
the lotion just won't get out..
And as any typical person who were both frustrated and in a rush,
I pressed it hard enough until it came out a lil' bit too much.. 

I wanted to wipe away but then it would be a waste,
so I gave half to my friend and I use the other half..

Okay, its such a lame excuse for coming in late..

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 ; Date of the year.. the century..

Assalamualaikum ^^,

I know I've been in a bit of hiatus,
So.. hello.
Its been awhile.

Well, I think everybody is updating things about it.
Some choose this date to get married and such..
Well, it is a beautiful date and it won't be encountered after today.

As for me,
I've always been a freak for things like this.
I always wanted today to have a special encounter or event that I didn't plan happen.
And I've been writing and dated the date of the years since I was like,.. 13, 14?

As for today.. 
Nothing happen yet because I'm alone.. 
Well, not 100%.. but it was a pretty event-less day..

Everytime I'm alone,
I felt like as though i'm draining myself..

Well, its a short entry for today. 
Ja ne!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Entri Blog ber-Bahasa Melayu ! (Salam Arafah..)

Assalamualaikum ^^,
Salam Hari Arafahh..

Hari niee teringin lakk nakk tulis belog dalam Bahasa Melayu.  
Kenapa?? Mengapa?? 
Maybe sebab nakk tunjukkan yang sy pun boleh, dan ada entri BM penuhh..
Xdelahh orang kate sy nie step orang putihh *walaupun dlm angan2 ade sikitt.. eheh~*

Gambar Raye lepass.. Amat Random.

So.. eh, silap.. Jadi.. Hari nie Hari Arafah kan? Dan esokk kite akan beraya!
Walaupun Raya Haji xsemeriah Raya Puase *mayb pasal xdpt duet raya kott..*
Ia tetap Raya!
And bestnyer tentang Raya is kite dapat bersama keluarga tercinta + dpt pakai baju yg comeii2.. 

Hari Arafah nie, kami sekeluarga berpuase sunat..
Best tau, dpt puase sunat same2..
And Ummi pun sedang masak untukk buka *Soto Macroni! Yum, yum..
Jarang kott Ummi saya masakk buka, lagi2 yg gempakk macam nie..

Bukan sebab Ummi malas ke ape.. Okay, mayb kadang2 dier malas masakk..
Tapi sebab Ummi bekerja and mostly perempuan yg bekerja nie alekk umah penat..
And masak memerlukan tenaga yg banyakk...

Tu lahh sebab nye bile da berkerjaya (sp?) nnti, sy nak keje katt umahh je..
Oh,no.. Bukan suri rumah 100%.. Tapi kerja sy kat umahh..
Boleh sambut suami alekk nnti.. ohoh~
Lagipun xyahh bagun awal2 siap g keje..

Sampai sini sahaja sy nk berceloteh dalam BM.. 
Semoga Hari nie dpt memberi manfaat kepada semua..

Sbb kelebihan Hari Arafah ialahh..

1- Doa kite dimakbulkan.. So, cpt2 doa! Doa ape yg patut.. Most importantly, doa semoga kite dpt keredhaan Allah swt..
2- Kalau kite berpuase, Allah swt ampun kan dosa kite utk 2 tahun.. tahun sblm n slepas nie..

Semoga kite menjadi org yg terbaik disisi Allah swt..
And semoga kt dpt menunaikan Haji di masa yang terdekat niee..

p.s, Maaf jika Melayu sy agakk skema n xdifahami.. -.-'

Gambar Rebekah utk hari ini (OMG, tat sounds just wrong..)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Quote #3 & Rebekah

Assalamualaikum ^.^v

"Life isn't getting easier, you just get stronger.."

p.s: I'm gonna put Rebekah pictures in every post till next Thursday to display my obsession with her. 


Who is Rebekah?

She's a character from Vampire Diaries portray by Claire Holtz, an Australian actress. That's why every time she speaks, that accent.. oh, I'm lovin it. Shes an Original Vampire, meaning the First ever Vampire to ever created.. In the story that is.

Why the sudden obsession?

Urm.. because she's awwww-some? Haha. Nahh, I always like an Ice-Princess character. Where deep down she actually care for others but too ego to admit. Kinda like me. Hee~ 

Well.. If you don't know what the TV show is about or haven't watch it.. I recommend it! You won't ever regret. ^^,