Sunday, April 7, 2013

Internship Diary: First Week!


Gosh its been 3 mths since I last update. No wonder berhabuk semacam je.

Anyway, its over! My study life in KUIS. It is kind of sad since KUIS has sorta change my life alot and that those friends that I love, I have to leave.

Right now, I'm doing my internship or Industrial Training or well-known to students as 'Practical'. Do you want to know where?

Do you?

I'm doing my internship at: 'International Student Center, UTM'

It is near both my mom and dad's working place. Walking distance. Oh, wait.. I haven't tell you why I pick ISC right?

I don't.

ISC is actually a back-up choice. I really want to work in a publisher or book store where all I see is books. I did get the offer, though. I just did not accept it because, well.. when I got ISC, my mom gets so excited and my lecturer said that she wants me to do my intern there. So, as someone who is very kind, I put the needs of other first.

Haha. Nah. I know that they know better and somehow my heart is asking me to do my intern there, so I accept the offer.

The first day, people was like, "Oh, anak teacher Mala?" Even the deputy director. My mom is pretty well known by the other staff in UTM because she teaches their children and my dad too, cuz he is the 'Masjid Guy/ Zakat Officer'. It is not that I am not proud of it. I am, really. But I like to be known with my own potential. I like people to know me as Maryam Jameelah, me.. Not as someone's daughter or sister or whatever.

Anyway, whatever. Small matter.

Lets move on to: What did I do in my internship place, shall we?

This is what i wrote in my log book

Well, generally, the first task I did is photocopy the passport. And put a sticker on the passport and afterwards, the real task is documentation for visa application.

It is kind of boring -.-, I have to like, face the passports for the whole week! Its tiring and boring! And I hate being in an office. I don't care if its air condition, or comfortable or less tiring, its boring.

Since I was a little kid, I never, ever, ever fancy working in an office. Its dull. Dull, dull, dull!

Okay, I'm being a bit immature here.

When I tell my parents this, they said that I need to learn, to grow up. My friend said that too. Oh, I forgot, Ada intern with me too. Atleast, I have a friend there. It kinds of make the whole thing seems a bit better.

Muke Ada yg tgh control

But when I know that some of my other friends did a whole lot fun stuff, it kinds of bring me my spirit down. I cried once, about this. I keep on asking why do I have to do things that I don't like.

But after a few moment or two, I began to realize that maybe, Allah wants me to do things that I don't like to experience something that I do not want to experience but it is good for me. 

So, as time pass.. I began to realize.. *rolldrum*

That I gain something from doing all that. I get to learn the geography of the eastern country like I get to know where is the immigration place and kind of memorized all the states name and what is the  problem with their visa, plus the procedure. It is kind of helpful consider that if I were to apply visa later on, I know how to get mine. 

And I've seen ALOT of marriage certificate in different culture and country.It is kind of fun. Some of them have like books-sort-marriage-certificate and some needed to be translated. 
This is some that we have to deal with.

And when dealing with international student, I get to know which country usually have a bit of temper issue and which is the understanding type. 

And lastly, when I key in their course like master and phD, It kind of boost my needs to have one. Everytime I typed in Doctor of Philosophy, I kind of said to myself 'One day for sure' and well, I hope it turns to be a doa and well, Allah will grants it. 

The thing is, it does not matter whether u like the thing or not, you can do your best regardless. I always believe in a statement where you have to do things that you are passionate about or it will be meaningless. Well, I'm defiantly not passionate about documentation but who says it is meaningless? 

I get to help alot of people who Jihad it Allah's way (studying) and well, my life mission has always been to help others, so.. I kind of grateful that I can help in a way. They work hard to gain a place, to further their studies in a foreign country, leaving behind their families.. And if I were to further my studies overseas, I do not want the person who makes my visa said that he/she hates their work and why do they have to do it. 

You know, you get what you give. That's the cycle of life. 

This is my working station. Very comfy! Bilik sendiri.

So, it doesn't matter if I don't get to work with books or writing an article or organizing english program and such..  I still get to do something that I love, knowing about other culture and country. InsyaAllah, ade hikmahnye.