Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 5 #RamadhanTazkirah: The Fault in Our Stars.

I just got my Driver's License today after months of passing my test. Looking at it at times I still could not believe that I can get it, that I can finally drive. Maybe to some of you the privilege of driving is a normality but to me its not. I used to have this illness and one of the things that I can not do is driving. My doctor said that I could not drive because it will be harmful to me if I do. 

So I set in my mind that one thing I will be unable to do when I became an adult is driving. It was really sad because driving is sort of like a freedom to me, I don't know. Anyway, last year after I finished my diploma, a friend of mine urge me to take my driving license so after consulting my parents, I kind of did register and failed once but in the end, I managed to look at my Driver's license card and smiled and said, I did it. 

You know, most of us, unintentionally like to blame fate for not getting what we want. We always said, "It's my fate (da takdir)" or "It is not for me (bukan jodoh)". True, at times fate to intervene in between BUT what is written for us is not necessarily written that way. 

Don't blame fate when you did not achieve something. Because blaming fate is like blaming Allah has flaws in what He wrote for you which He didn't because Allah is Perfect. His judgement and choice is perfect for you. 

But remember the verse:

"Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. " (13:11)

While we are busy pointing fingers towards our fate, we are actually being stationary towards the betterment of the situation. It is not the fault in our stars, it is actually the fault in ourself. 

If we think that it is fate that we still did not get a place in the University, than work hard for it, think of other mechanism to achieve it, other route, other plan or other solution to it. Same goes to those who keep on complaining that they want to get married or want a better life, work for it instead of blaming fate. Remember, a fate is not fixed until you fix it.   

At times to we did find ourself saying, "We haven't receive the Light (belum dapat hidayah)" or "I was born this way". Dear, the Light has been shone upon you the moment Prophet Muhammad was sent down to us. The Quran, the universe, they are all signs. If you mean the Light as in the 'push', then 'push' yourself into being better.

A little step is better than none.

I'm saying this because I too was once in this foolish cycle of blaming fate because I did not get my way, because things turn out wrong. But then slowly, a friend of mine said, "Allah's thoughts is with His servant's". Meaning that whatever we think about a certain situation, Allah will make it like that.

For example, if we think that we are not going to pass a test, Allah will not let us pass because we did not have that confident in ourself, why should He, right? 

So always think positive and to never blame your fate. Remember, the fault is not in our stars but is actually in ourself. 

p.s: I purposely borrowed John Green's best-selling novel's title. Lulz. 

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